Monday, January 3, 2011

Scooting Along

Ava and Jax have this cousin named Nathan (or, Naterator, as we like to call him). He's an awesome little dude. He and Ava are a little less than a year apart and play really well together. But Jax, he adores his big cousin Nate. Nate loves cars and monster trucks, playing outside and sports, just like our little dude. When the kids and I were in Arizona in September, we got to hang out with Nate, his baby brother and Mama (his Papi too, but only for a little while because he is one busy guy). As the kids played outside one afternoon, Jax became enamored with Nate's "big boy scooter." First Nate would take a turn on it, then Jax. Since then, our Little Digger has been asking for his very own "big boy scooter." So, we thought it only appropriate to get him one for Christmas. When he laid eyes on his scooter he just kept saying, "Look Mom, my fast scooter! My fast scooter!" He loves it!

A few nights after Christmas we finally got around to taking Jax for a spin on his scooter. Ava led the way on her princess bike, stopping occasionally to let her little brother catch up. Andy and I were both surprised by how well Jax maneuvered his scooter and how fast his little legs could propel him.

I've taken the kids outside to ride several times since then, and Jax just gets better and braver. He's already taking his scooter down ramps, attempting to jump off curbs with it and splashing through muddy puddles on it.

And, I should add for Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Eric, that Jax proudly proclaims, "I haul rub!" as he zooms around on his scooter. He's definitely his uncle's nephew!

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