Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Dirty

The kids and I planned yesterday to go for a bike/scooter ride but just as we were getting ready, the rain began to come down. So, we waited it out about an hour and, sure enough, the rain stopped. So, we helmeted up and headed outside for some fresh air. After a few laps around the complex we headed over to the park, which was nice and soggy from the rain. And that's when the real fun began. I threw caution to the wind and let the kids play in the mud and puddles, getting as dirty as their little hearts desired. I can remember playing in the puddles and muddy goop left over from Arizona monsoons, and wouldn't dare deprive my kids of the same kind of messy fun.

Jax, of course, had his monster trucks in tow and went straight to work building jumps for them from mud (I should mention that he insisted on keeping his helmet on while playing). When he tired of that, he just took them romping through the muddy puddles. Ava, always the little baker, began creating Mississippi mud pies, and sometimes mud bombs to throw in to the puddles.

 I love, love, love this picture. Jax loves to swing like this while screaming like a banshee and I just happened to click the camera at the perfect moment.

I spent most of the time taking pictures and giggling at how much fun the kids were having. I'll admit, I kinda wish I had gotten my hands dirty, but alas, there were memories that needed to be documented.

After more than an hour of muddy fun. The kids' hands were frozen (it was a pretty chilly day), their clothes filthy and they had mud in their hair. We ran back home, where I stripped them down and threw Ava in the shower and Jax in the bath, after which, they enjoyed some warm hot cocoa.
Both kids were pretty disappointed by the sunny skies today. They were hoping for more rain. I promised that as soon as it rains we'll go mud-bogging again. Looks like more mud is in my forecast.


All these Halls said...

That is such a great picture of Jax in the swing. That looks like a perfect moment of childhood.

Joni said...

I love it! And Jax filthy from head to toe while Ava carefully's so them! Way to go Mom.

keep klein-man said...

They look so cute! My kids loved playing in the mud.. LOL