Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, the Things He Says

Jax's voice is so cute. I mean, seriously cute. I wish I could capture, put it in a little box and carry it around with me forever. I love it! What makes his voice even better is the way he says things, especially the words he mispronounces. I promised myself, when Ava was little, that I would never forget the way she said certain words, or funny things she said. Well guess what? I did. Apparently, when you're a mom, your memory is NOT like a steel trap. So, I've promised myself that I would keep record of some of the things the Little Dude says, so I never forget them. And of course, I have to share.

Pocsiple - popsicle
Lell - yell
Thomas the Tanchenchin - Thomas the Tank Engine
Prolly - probably
Toe-tay-do - tornado
Racky-phobia - Arachniphobia (one of his monster trucks)

These are just the one's I've heard today, so they're fresh in my mind. We've also had some funny Jax moments in the last few days worth mentioning.

During Family Home Evening I asked if there was any family business. For those who don't know how FHE works, family business is when we usually go over our schedule for the week, or discuss anything pressing. Ava raised her hand, stood up and said, "Help Mommy more." So sweet and so very Ava. After Ava sat back down, Jax raised his hand, stood up and said, "Ummmm.... tackle Daddy." So hilarious and so very Jax!

One day, after lunch, I told the kids my tummy was full. Jax looked at my belly, then at me and asked, "Because you ate the baby?" I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. Earlier in the week during preschool, I had taught the kids about digestion. Jax knew that for something to end up in your stomach, it needed to be eaten first. I tried to explain in the simplest terms how the baby ended up in my belly, but I'm pretty sure he's convinced I ate it.

Oh, our silly boy. The things he says often surprise me, but ALWAYS put a smile on my face!

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Joni said...

We miss this cute little guy. Just yesterday Ethan was telling a total stranger about how "His" Ava and Jax moved away to "Mississippis."