Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Begun

Ava is a big dresser-upper. Just tonight, she came out of her room sporting pajamas, a cowgirl hat, ballet slippers and a stick horse. She calls herself, "Cowgirl Ava O'Neal." She's always loved to play dress-up and impresses me by just how creative she can get, often making a costume out of the simplest of items.

Jax has jumped on the dress-up bandwagon. But, in the manliest way, of course. It started with a cowboy hat, then a fireman's hat, then a knight's helmet, armor and sword, then he got his first pair of cowboy boots and a fireman's jacket. Then, we found the mother load. In Walmart's after-Christmas clearance, a box of three superhero costumes for $5. That's $15 less than the normal price. I couldn't pass it up, especially considering Jax's new found desire to be a superhero (don't worry, he plans to drive monster trucks by day).

He still hasn't tried on the Iron Man costume, spending most of his time as Spiderman. When he's in costume, he even requires that we refer to him only as Spiderman. We sure think our little superhero is pretty super!

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Rob and Sara said...

So cute! I have a cousin that for a while would only answer to "Clark Kent". Not "Superman." Apparently he was undercover.