Friday, February 18, 2011

Southern Snow

This week we're enjoying temperatures in the low to mid-70's. Ahhhhh. It's glorious! Last week, however, was another story. It was cold and frosty and we even got a visit from that white powdery stuff we saw all-to-often in Utah -- snow! After Andy got home from work one night, we bundled the kids up as best we could (I got rid of all the snowgear when we left Utah) and headed outside for a good ol'-fashioned snowball fight. Which really turned into Daddy convincing the kids to attack an unarmed Mommy as she tried to take pictures of all the fun!

But they did get Daddy a few times. Problem is, he fought back.

 Ava was like a kid in a candy store. She's been missing the snow this winter and absolutely did NOT want to go inside. But, we convinced her that coming inside was better than her fingers falling off.

As much as I don't enjoy the snow, I'm glad we got one little snow this winter for the kids to enjoy. Now, bring on spring!

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