Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sign of Spring

We've been fortunate to enjoy some beautiful weather the past two weeks or so. I'm hoping this is a sign of what to come, that maybe, just maybe, spring is on the way (knock on wood). The lovely weather stirred in me the urge to create a new spring dress for Ava. We picked up this adorable fabric several months ago, it's just taken me that long to get around to using it.

The pictures don't really do it justice. It's an A-line dress with this adorable ruffle neckline. I think it was just perfect for our fabric. But who cares about the dress, really, when the wearer is so beautiful! Really, she's just growing into a lovely little girl... with the personality to match that gorgeous little face!


All these Halls said...

cute dress & cute girl-I need to learn how to sew

Joni said...

Look at you. Just think back to sewing that first blanket for you're a real seamstress. Did you have a pattern or tutorial??? I need to do something for Avery!

keep klein-man said...

So cute!! love the dress too.