Friday, November 21, 2008

Bathtime Party

Ava loves to bathe with her not-so-little brother. Jax is still in an infant tub, but Ava doesn't seem to mind having only a sliver of tub for her, her boat, her ponies, her baby dolls and anything else she thinks needs a good washin'. Nope, I don't even think she cares if she gets clean, she just LOOOOVES being in the tub with Jax. Her job is to wash his toes. And boy does she wash them. I timed her during their most recent bath party and she spent THREE MINUTES washing her brother's tootsies. Those are the cleanest little piggies this side of the Mississippi. Jax loves bathtime, with or without his big sis on board, but he definitely kicks and splashes out of excitement much more when she's around. I tried a few days ago to put him in the actual bathtub, but he's definitely not ready. He's a pretty good sitter, but his slick little heiny was slipping all over the place. And, I'm pretty sure he was purposely tipping over in an attempt to drink the bathwater, which, by the way, he eventually peed in.
Check out all the rolls!!!

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