Friday, November 7, 2008

Gotta get pictures up...

I haven't had much time to blog this week. I could roll out a list of excuses, but I'll spare you my lame, and likely whiny, reasons for my absences from blogging and just get to the good stuff.

I'll try to quickly sum up the week. However, I'm giving you fair warning that my "quickly" is not equal to the average human being's concept of quickly. I'm a talker, which means subsequently, I'm a novelist. Or so it seems.

So, our week has been jam-packed with school, tests and grading for Andy. Kids, boards, bows and a teething baby for Bekah. Ballet, birds, crafts and exceptional and repeated use of the word "no" for Ava. And, last but certainly not least, teething, tooting, eating and rolling for Jax.

The kids and I haven't seen a ton of Andy this week. His school schedule is either picking up, or we're finally getting an actual glimpse of what the next two years will be like. There were days this week when they didn't see Daddy until dinnertime. If Ava doesn't see Andy before he goes to school, she is quick to ask his whereabouts when she wakes up. And Jax always gives Daddy a giant, gummy grin when he comes home. And then he vomits on him.

This has actually been a slow week for me, business-wise. It's good and bad. Good, because it's allowed me the opportunity to work on some new products and designs and get a little bit more done around the house. Bad, because no business means no money. C'est la vie. It's going to pick up here in the next few weeks, so I should enjoy the brief lull.

Ava Grace had her first experience with Utah snow Wednesday. We didn't get a ton at our house, but enough to leave a nice blanket on our car. As Jax napped she and I went out and played in it and attempted to catch snowflakes on our tongues. However, I'm sure anyone who might have captured a glimpse of us, tongues hanging out, probably thought we had some,well, mental issues. There I was, my short stumpy tongue, barely making it past my lips, doing my very best to give the snowflakes something to land on. And Ava, oh, sweet, uncoordinated Ava tried to chase after the snowflakes with her tongue (which, by the way, is longer than her mother's) so, she looked...uh... special. But who cares! She was laughing the whole time! Eventually though, the cold became a little much for the little "flatlander," as Ralphie would say, and she hightailed it inside and had her first cup of real hot cocoa... well, half hot cocoa, half cold milk. As for the "no" thing... she's just testing out the waters; seeing just how much she can get away with with Mommy and Daddy. She's quickly learning, not too much! The "no-ing" seemed to have peaked early in the week, but after discovering that it's not gonna fly with the parental units, it already seems to be tapering off. She's a smart girl.

The view from our front window

Thursday was ballet day. Ava's favorite day of the week. Honestly, I'm already seeing a developmental improvement in her. She's becoming so much more comfortable with her feet, rhythm, etc. She's my little Prima Ballerina.

Jax is a sitting man now! He's been "sitting" for about a month now, but only for about 20 seconds before toppling over. Now, he can sit for long periods of time, which he loves because it allows him to be a little more at Ava's level, which means he can play with her... which means, the Battle of the Toys is looming. He's also quite the roly-poly. I'm telling you, I'll lay him on the floor, turn my back, and when I turn back, he's several feet away from me. It doesn't take the little speedster long to get across the room either. We joke that his round body shape is conducive to effective rolling techniques. I don't think it will be long before he's crawling, either. He tries so hard to scoot himself while playing on his belly. Ava loves to put things just out of his reach and "encourage" him to try to get it. And, boy does he try! He get's his little legs pumping so hard, and he gets the most determined look on his face. Soon enough, buddy.

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