Friday, November 7, 2008

Move over Monet!

It's getting pretty chilly outside. Actually, Utahns (how obnoxious is it that there isn't an 'a' between the 'h' and 'n'?!) say this is warm compared to what we'll be experiencing in a month! GREAT! All I can say, is thank goodness we're going to Arizona for two weeks! Anyway, because it's been so cold and because neither mine nor my children's blood is used to the frigid conditions I've been trying to come up with some fun indoor activities for Ava, Jax and I to do together. Ava is really into "projects" lately, so I accommodate.

Wednesday we decided to begin decorating for Thanksgiving. I'm already playing Christmas music, but Andy says it's much too early to actually begin decorating and make it public that I get all holly-jolly as soon as Halloween wraps up, so we focused on Thanksgiving. I wasn't too original, we just made turkey hands, but I was a fun Mommy and did it with paint, instead of the normal tracing method. Ava LOVED this! At first, she liked getting her hands painted and seeing the prints they made on the papers. But eventually, her interest in that waned and she became much more involved in creating her own personal mess... I mean masterpiece. She fingerpainted for a good 45 minutes. And I just watched her and talked to her the whole time. I love watching her create. She has a reason for everything. "I'm going to put red right here, but only with my pinky because I just want a little bit," "I have to wash my hands off before I get green because I don't want to mix it with orange."

Her pictures turned out lovely and will soon be displayed on our kitchen wall above the dinner table... as soon as I buy some tape.

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