Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Weirdos

There are few things normal about our children. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, I actually love just how unique they are. However, that being said, they are little weirdos. They come up with some of the silliest ideas about playing, food (Ava requested bread with a side of mustard for lunch), singing, dancing, you get the idea.

Ava does not go a day without being a character. Each morning we wait to find out just who she is that day and our personal character assignments. Quiet time is always especially animated, with Ava choosing a costume fitting for her character, turning her room into her characters "scene" and then jumping into that world (and never out of character). Lately, she's been Snow White... alot. She HAS to have a red ribbon in her hair and red lipstick. If her dress with the puffy sleeves is dirty or unavailable, well then, you just better be ready for a good talkin' to. Just the other day, her dress was in the wash and she said, "I'm trying so hard to be the perfect Snow White, but you're making it very difficult." She went through a brief Tinkerbell/Glinda the Good With phase last week after watching the newest Tinkerbell movie. This is how she spent the ENTIRE day, until bathtime when the wings finally had to come off.

Her get-up includes wings, a crown, a wand, a little apron/dress thingy (mine when I was a little girl), necklace, dress-up shoes (which you can't see), lip gloss and messy hair (like the fairies, she says).

Jax on the other hand is all about noises. He makes some really weird ones and then laughs hysterically at both himself and the surprised looks on our faces. He also likes to experiment with the way noises sound with an object over his head/mouth/up his nose (yep, he walked around the house with his finger up his noise yelling, "Eeeee Eeeeee Eeeeee"). This time, he took the Mr. Potato Head bucket and, of course, stuck it over his noggin and began with the noisemaking. You can even see the "fog" from his breath on the plastic.

They're so entertaining, and so wonderfully weird!

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