Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's hard to believe, but our Little Dude is on the downward slope of his ones. He's eighteen months right now, which means before long he'll be two. I know you can do the math, but I need to say it out loud (or type it) because it's still so hard for me to believe!

Right now, Jax LOOOOOVES trucks! He has trucks on the mind... always. He runs everywhere, and when he's not burning tracks in the carpet, he climbing up things only to jump right off of them. He has no fear (except of the vaccuum cleaner) and no inhibitions. He's super goofy and has the most mischievous little grin. Usually, when he knows he's not supposed to do something, he'll look right at me smile and then proceed to do the very thing he shouldn't. For instance, as I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth the other day, the mancub decided to join me. He loves the bathroom. He's definitely Andy's son. Anyway, he has this thing about the toilet paper. He unrolls and unravels it, then uses the big wad to clean the walls or wipe his nose. Normally, I'd say it's no big deal, but we're not just talking a few squares. Before I know it, the entire roll is on the floor and he's using two squares to wipe his boogers. So, as I brushed my teeth I looked at him, he slyly looked at me, grinned, and then slowly, oh so slowly, moved his chubby little hand to the toilet paper roll and then began unrolling like mad. He was trying his very best to get it all on the floor before I had time to spit and rinse my toothbrush off. Fortunately, I foiled his plans. But don't worry, he was back at it the next day!

We love our little man. He is all boy, but still so sweet, tender and cuddly. He's growing so fast! Soon enough he'll be a little man. Let's just hope he'll get over the toilet paper habit before then!

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