Saturday, July 24, 2010

Little Pioneer Children

Our ward celebrated Pioneer Day a day early this year. For my non-Mormon readers, every year our Church celebrates pioneer day in honor of the day the pioneers (early members of the Church) entered the Salt Lake Valley after traveling across the country. It's a big deal. The festivities usually include good food, pioneer games and wagons. This year did not disappoint.

Ava has a little "pioneer dress" (as she calls it). My great-grandma made it for me when I was very young and now I've passed it on to my little dress-up queen. However, Ava wasn't satisfied with just a dress she wanted a bonnet. Fortunately, my sewing machine just got back from the shop so I was able to make the Little Miss her very own pioneer boneet with some fabric I happened to have on hand.

I'll have to make her a bigger one next year, but this suffices for now.

All dressed up (well, Ava at least) we headed to our Pioneer Day activity. Good food, handcart pulling, nail drilling races, a wagon parade. The kids had a blast! Jax especially loved being pulled around in the handcart, crying each time his turn was over. I'm pretty sure the real pioneer children probably felt the same way when they had to get out of the wagon and walk.

We're so thankful for the pioneers and their examples of faith and enduring to the end!

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Joni said...

So fun...We need to spark a little fire under the saints here in our new ward to celebrate! Avery says "skjdndlj"! She loved the dress