Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Little Arteest

It's no secret that Jax is all about the monster trucks. To say he is obsessed could very well be an understatement. But what you may not know about our sweet little dude is that he also loves to color and draw. Ava was never very interested in anything involving a crayon or marker when she was younger. Sure, she'd doodle, but books were her thing. Jax, while he loves to read, would much prefer to lay on the floor with paper and crayons. He'll draw for 20-30 minutes at a time. And he's really good. We first noticed his little talent when he purposely started drawing circles and lines before he had even turned two. From there it's progressed to this:

Can you guess what they are? That's right -- MONSTER TRUCKS!

The first picture is one he drew just the other day. Do you see the little circle within the body of the truck? He tells me that's the window where the driver sits. The second photo is artwork he did on a box going to my best friend all the way in California. That's right, postal workers across the U.S. are going to get a glimpse of Jax's artwork!

These little beauts are all over our house. If there is a paper or paper-like surface that is left unattended you can be sure Jax will monster truck it up. As a matter of fact, just last week at church all the children in nursery went home with drawings of red monster trucks on their Jesus coloring pages.

Usually Jax follows Ava around and does everything she does, but this is one thing where his big sister has taken his lead. Since he's become so interested in drawing, she has too. It's so sweet to watch them draw or color together and compliment each other's work. I love that already they're encouraging each other in their talents!

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