Friday, July 2, 2010

Natural Science Museum

I've been surprised by the fun things we've found to do in this teeny little state.

We made the hour trip up to Jackson yesterday to drop off my sewing machine at a repair shop (BLAH!) and I thought while we were up there I'd surprise the kids with a trip to the natural since museum.The museum is HUGE. Indoors are sevearl exhibits, including an aquarium, terrarium, hands-on science area, fossils and special exhibit (right now it's sharks). Outside, there's a children's maze and miles and miles of walking trails. We didn't do the walking trails because Ava wasn't in appropriate shoes, but we'll go back next time a little more prepared. Besides, the kids had plenty of fun inside! We went to the aquarium first, which, for some reason scared Jax. Normally, he's fearless, but I think the combination of the dark room and the giant shark he saw when we first walked did him in. He grasped desperately to my leg, repeatedly asking, "Mommy, you 'tect (protect) me from the shark?" Once we got past the fish and hit the reptiles and amphibians, he was way more comfortable. Ava, on the other hand couldn't see each exhibit fast enough. She was going from area to area excitedly calling me over to each one.

We also got to check out a two-headed snake, which Ava was CONVINCED wasn't real.

After the fun inside. We checked out the amazing and HUUUUGE playground near the museum. I gotta say, Mississippi does not fall short when it comes to playgrounds. They're all enormous, full of fun little details and tons of apparatus'. Unfortunately, the cleaning crew came to high-pressure wash the playground while we were there, so our fun got cut short. But, it was fun nonetheless.

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shelly said...

If only there were some adult playgrounds to keep the state from being the fattest in America every year. (And based on the folks we see when we go to Walmart, Texas can't be far from Mississippi on that list.)