Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living the Dream

Every parent dreams of a diaper-free house. No one likes wiping another person's butt, not matter how cute that tushy is. Once Jax  hit two Andy and I talked frequently about how close we were to a relief from diapers. We dreamed of the day when our home would be a diaper-free zone. I'm proud to say that day has come, and much sooner than we anticipated!

I'd been told boys potty-train much later than girls and are much more difficult. So, I haven't pushed it with Jax. Ava, I totally forced into potty-trainined. I was seven months pregnant with Jax and refused to spend my days diapering two hinies. It took us about a month, but she was completely potty-trained before Jax was born. This time, there's not another baby on the way. So, I didn't have a deadline. Not to mention, Jax is darn stubborn. I don't dare tell him to do something he's not prepared to do, otherwise he'll do just the opposite which means he would have stayed in diapers just to spite me. All I did was buy him a Lightning McQueen potty seat to put on the big potty. That's it. Late last week, he was running around the house naked, as he often does, and told me he had to go. So I took him. And he went. Another lesson I learned from potty-training Ava, there's nothing wrong with a little bribery. So, I gave Jax two chocolate chips for his accomplishment, which I'm pretty sure sold him on the whole potty-training business. From there on out, he told me every time he had to go potty. Sometimes even going in on his own. We did this for three days. He running around naked, so as to be potty ready, me popping chocolate chips into his mouth every time he did his business. We took him to Wal-Mart where he picked out Lightning McQueen underwear, and he's been wearing undies ever since. Even at night! Seriously, it's been a dream! I don't think it could have gone any better. We're so proud of our big boy!!

So there you have it, no more diapers in this house, at least until we have another baby... someday. Right now, we're just enjoying the freedom.


Joni said...

Way to go Jax! We are so very proud of you...and jealous. Our diaper free days only lasted 3 months!

Joni said...

Ethan says "Yeah Cool!" We may have to get him some new undies he likes Jax's so well.