Saturday, September 6, 2008

The new business...

Ava loves ballerinas! She wants to be one when she grows up... at least for now. But more than being a ballerina, Ava loves that being a ballerina means she gets to twirl. She loooooves to twirl. In the living room, the bathroom, the backyard, the grocery store... if there's even the smallest open area I can guarantee she'll twirl in it. She twirls and twirls until she's dizzy. And after she's fallen down she gets back up, her eyes shaking like a cartoon character, and twirls some more.

Her recent infatuation with ballerinas naturally led to a desire for a tutu. So, I went online, looking for the perfect pink tutu. First of all, they were expensive. Second, Ava didn't like any of the ones I showed her. She had very specific instructions for her tutu: first and foremost, it had to be pink, then fluffy, sparkly and "really very twirly" (her exact words). I searched and searched and surfed the web... nothing. So, I decided to be ambitious and make my own.

Turns out, I like making tutus.

And so... the birth of our newest business: Little Squishy Tutus and Frou Frous

We still have our vinyl signs and decor business. It's doing very well and keeps us very busy. But still, we felt like the tutu business would be great for us too!

So, there you have it. The shop is almost completely set up. We just need to download the actual pictures of tutus and we'll be up and running. Be sure to check it out. There's a link to both of our businesses on the side of our blog.

Stay Squishy... and twirly :)

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