Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things that made me happy today...

Today was a rough day. Well, it started overnight. Jax just didn't have a good night. I think the poor little guy is teething. He soaks at least two shirts a day with drool (check out his shirt in the picture) and chews on everything! He's been a great sleeper since the day he was born, and in recent weeks I've been putting him down at about 7:30 and don't hear from him again until 6:30 the next morning. Not last night. He woke up several times and then at about 3 am was talking and shrieking and cooing, apparently, he thought it was time to play. It took me another hour-and-a-half to get him to sleep, and then he was crying 30 minutes later. Rough night.

So, to say the least I was exhausted. I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in a year. Seriously... I was terribly uncomfortable almost my entire pregnancy, then I had a newborn at home, now I have paranoia. That's what happens when my children sleep through the night, but rather than being grateful and doing the same, I wake up several times to make sure said children are still breathing.

Anyway, I'll admit it. I woke up grumpy. So did Jax... and so did Ava. Jax spent most of the day crying and expecting me to hold him... which can be pretty painful since he's almost 20 pounds of dead weight (don't worry, a post on his massive amounts of chunk will come). The fact that Jax needed Mommy all day upset Ava who also wanted Mommy most of the day. Fortunately, we had a little playdate... which was good, Ava has a new friend... or at least I hope she's still Ava's friend, considering the Squish spent a good portion of the playdate yelling at her friend or crying. Poor thing.

So, today was tough. It was just one of those days. Days like today make me sooo thankful for the other 99% of days... you know, when I'm better rested and my kids are their normal, happy selves. However, I feel like it's on days like this that I really need to get over the frustrating events of the past 24 hours, and try to focus on those things that made me happy. Because, I'm grateful for every day with my kids... even the ones like today.


1. Even in the wee hours of the morning, Jax gives me a huge grin when I appear over his crib.
2. When Ava woke up this morning, she came into our room and began stroking my hair to let me know she was awake.
3. Ava remembered to bring panties downstairs with her when she woke up (she wears Pull-Ups at night)
4. The kids got to see Andy before he went to school today. Ava begged him not to go... so cute!
5. Ava's imagination! Today, I got to be the Mommy Lady Bug and she was the Baby Lady Bug.
6. Jax's giggle as we danced around the kitchen with Ava
7. Making cupcakes with Ava.
8. The look on Ava's face and the giggle she let out when I caught her taking tastes of the cupcake batter. "I was being sneaky, Mommy."
9. Ava telling Andy that he could only eat the cupcakes with chocolate frosting because the ones with pink frosting were just for her.
10. Andy came home in the middle of the day before he had to TA this evening!
11. How content Jax was just laying on a blanket in the backyard. He loves to be outside!
12. Both kids took really long afternoon naps!
13. Ava chose an acorn squash as her "new vegetable" at the store (she gets to choose a new fruit or vegi every week) because, "I like squirrels."
14. Jax's silly sounds!
15. Ava asked for Daddy to get home safely during her prayer tonight.
16. I got to work out.

There, all better.

Stay Squishy...

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