Sunday, September 28, 2008

Speaking in Storybook...

When Ava was a baby and Andy gave her her blessing, she was blessed with so many wonderful things, including a love of reading and learning. I knew I would see this come to fruition, eventually. I just had no idea that eventually would be so soon.

At 2 1/2 she's already a little bookworm. We go to the library weekly, read several books daily, and often, when I think Ava's been a little too quiet I go to her room, expecting to see her constructing a bomb or something, but instead she's sitting quietly on her floor reading. As of late, her love of books has been apparent in the way she speaks. You see, because she doesn't always speak like a normal human being, instead, she speaks in "Storybook." Let me give you a little taste:

Today friends of ours from back home were in town and planned to stop by for a visit. They have an adorable little girl, just a little older than Ava, whom Ava adores. When I told her Kaili was coming over she said, "'I'm so excited!' Ava exclaimed." First of all, who talks like that?! Secondly, what 2 year old knows the word "exclaimed?" It gets better. While playing with Kaili, she and Ava were trying to catch bugs in little Tupperware containers I gave them (don't worry, we won't be using those ever again!). They saw some above our porch light far too high for their little arms to reach, so they looked to the tallest man in the backyard and asked him to get them. Andy explained he just wasn't tall enough, Ava responded, "'Oh no, he can't reach them!' Ava and Kaili cried." We're so used to her narrative that we sometimes forget that it might be a little surprising (and adorable) to others.

I love Ava's imagination! That she gets so lost in books that they become real to her... that she thinks of her life as a story. I know that some day she'll realize that she's the only person outside the pages of her books that speaks that way, and she'll eventually stop. I'll miss it when she does. So, until then, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the story. Because let me tell you, the person telling it is quite the little character. This is what Ava chose to wear Friday night to our Ward Social.

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