Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ballerinas and Raspberries

I'm slacking in my blogging duties. I promised myself I would make a concerted effort to blog daily. Well, just a few weeks as a member of the wonderful world of blogging and I've failed. So, I'm going to treat it like a diet... oops, I ate an entire chocolate cake, the diet begins tomorrow. Oops, I forgot to blog several days in a row, the attempt to blog every day begins tomorrow.

Alot has happened, it seems, since my absence from the blogging sphere. First of all, my parents came for a surprise visit. My dad worked it out with Andy but I was none the wiser. So, imagine my surprise when I answered the door on a Friday morning and my mom and dad were standing there. My dad, of course, had a camera in hand to capture the confused look on my face (as well as my bed head and general morning dishevelment). "Did you take a wrong turn?" I asked. The best reaction though came from Ava. Oh my goodness, the look on her face when she came downstairs that morning and saw G-Ma and G-Pa sitting in the living room. Her first question was, of course, "Did you bring me more Care Bears?" Priorities. She adores my dad and spent the entire weekend being a "Goof-a-roni" with him! She's even become so much more comfortable with my mom. She was so excited to show G-Ma the new vinyl on her wall and her ballet shoes. It was wonderful to see my parents, I only wish the visit didn't have to be so short. At least it will hold us over until we see them again at Christmastime.

Speaking of ballet. Ava finally started her ballet class. She is in love with ballet!! As soon as one class ends, we have to count down the days until the next (she goes on Thursdays). Wednesday nights are like Christmas Eve for her. She is so excited she has a hard time falling asleep. Thursdays she prances downstairs in her jammies, Care Bears in hand, and ballet slippers upon her little feet. The class is great! It's a "Mommy and Me" type class, geared toward toddlers and their short attention spans. The focus is primarily on helping children become comfortable with their bodies, their coordination and their toes. The songs are silly, but they're rhythmic and full of goofy little directions for the kids to follow (pretend you're going on a bear hunt, tiptoe, walk across the bridge with one foot in front of the other, etc.). Ava's favorite is the "Freeze Dance." She gets to wiggle and dance however she pleases, until, of course, the song says "FREEZE!" I love watching her dance! First of all, she's ridiculously cute!!! But most importantly, she is blissfully happy and LOOOOVES to look at herself in the giant wall mirrors!

Jax loves going to ballet too. He's enamored with his big sister, so he just follows her with his eyes. And he LOVES it when we get to dance with Ava. He smiles and giggles... and drools. As if he didn't already have enough saliva leaking out of his mouth, his new trick creates even more! He's blowing raspberries now. But it's not your typical raspberry (if there is such a thing). Sure, he gets his tongue out there some of the time, but more often, he does this weird thing with his lips. He pushes them together and blows until he gets the desired effect: a spray of spit, the raspberry noise, a laugh from his sister... It's pretty darn cute! I don't even mind that most of the time he blows them right in my face.

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