Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Food Glorious Food!

Jax is a big boy. I don't feed him anything other than good old fashioned Mama milk, but apparently I'm producing pure cream, cuz' the kid has more rolls than Cinnabon. I nurse him every three hours or so, but I've noticed in recent weeks, he still seems hungry. When we eat, he eyes our food, salivating, and wishing with all his might that his hand-eye coordination will kick in at that very moment allowing him to snag our dinner and make it his own. It seemed to me he was ready for solids. After talking to a friend, I reluctantly decided to start giving him solids when he turned five months - today. I would prefer to wait until six months (per American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation), but the kid acts like he's starving.

So, Jax had his first taste of "real" food today,

His first bite

Big Sister wanted to help!

well, he had his first taste of something other than breastmilk - rice cereal... mixed with breastmilk. Andy and I were sure he would devour it. But, much to our surprise after only a few tastes he began making "bitter beer face" and letting it run out of his mouth. After repeated attempts I gave up. So, he doesn't like rice cereal. When Ava was a baby I was told I had to start her on rice cereal, but apparently, now, it's not a necessity. Many doctors actually suggest starting babies out on fruits and veges because they don't terrorize the digestive system like rice cereal. Good to know.
Mom, what is this junk?!

I think I'll wait the extra month though. I don't think he's going to starve. The little squish definitely has enough fat stores to hold him over. And then, we'll give peas a try. I don't know though, he'll have a few teeth by then (if these darn things will ever actually come through) and Jax is a Kleinman... he may just go straight for the steak.

Haha! I'm all messy!

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