Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween with the Little Monsters

There is way too much candy in our house right now. Not only did Ava make out like a bandit, but we didn't hand out all of the candy in our jumbo-sized bag from Costco. There's enough chocolatey, sugary goodness to send a small country on a sugar high. Thank goodness for college students. We'll be pawning a large portion of the candy stores off on Dusty. That's good sustenance for a bachelor and his roomies, right?

Anyway, on to the kids. As soon as Ava woke up this morning she was ready to jump into her Minnie Mouse costume. We compromised - she eat breakfast sans dress and ears and as soon as she was done she could wear it. I've never seen the child eat so fast. Because Ava was prancing around like a Disneyland employee, she thought it only fitting her little brother do the same. So we saddled him up in his Squirt (the little sea turtle from "Finding Nemo) costume. Holy cute!

I should seriously send a picture of the kids to Disney, they could use them in some sort of advertisement. And I could reap all the rewards. Hahahaha (evil cackle). This morning, we had to run to the fabric store, the kids in costume, of course. Every person we passed told Ava and Jax how cute they were, and every person we passed got to hear Ava's shpeel about her costume, "I told Mama I wanted the pink Minnie costume, but the Disney Store didn't have it in my size. So, I chose the red one." Then, she would hold on to the sides of her dress, give a little sway, and smile. The people ate it up... not to mention Ava LOVED all the attention. But, hey, when you're that darn cute TAKE IT ALL IN! After the fabric store, it was off to Story Time at the library with Ava and Jax's friends Dylan and Adam. As we walked, Jax began to spit-up... a lot! All over Squirt. Poor little sea turtle. I wiped him up, trying my very best to save the costume. Twenty minutes later, more vomit. By the time we got home, the costume top was pretty well soaked. I didn't worry though, because I'd just throw it in the washer, right? WRONG! It says to just wipe it with a damp cloth. Okay, Disney, don't make costumes for babies if they can only be wiped with a damp cloth, come on! I'm sure I could have just washed it and hung dry it, but it wouldn't have been dry for tonight. So, we resorted to the back-up - a Mickey Mouse costume that we happened to have on hand (long story).

The kids were adorable as Mickey and Minnie.

We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. Ava was so excited about the candy (do I deprive my child, or what?!) that every time a tiny piece was dropped into her bag she asked, "Mama, can I eat it?" I told her she could choose a piece when we finished Trick or Treating. I've never seen a child more excited to be DONE Trick or Treating! She, of course, chose a mini-tootsie pop. She savored that little sugarball on a stick, as if it were the only one left in the universe and she, the luckiest girl in the world, had been granted the final licks. As a matter of fact, I caught her chewing on the stick because, "It still has some candy taste on it."

Jax, although he spent the night in the stroller or in mine or Andy's arms, was pretty pooped at the end of the night. Ava however, still reeling from her sugar-induced high, was a different story. When we got home, she wanted more candy. Tomorrow, I told her. "Can I sleep in my Minnie costume?" "You can wear it tomorrow." "Can I keep my nose on?" (I painted a little black one on her) "Honey, it will get all over your sheets when you sleep, but we can paint one on tomorrow." "Tomorrow, sure is a busy day," she says. I laugh, but feel a little bad because in her head she heard a lot of "no" come out of my mouth even if I never said the word. So, I let her keep her nose on. Sheets can be washed.

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