Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally, the Family...

This one will be quick. I just wanted to get up a picture of the four of us. We don't have very many of these because either Andy or I always has to be taking the picture, although Ava is proving to be quite the photographer. But, we wouldn't want her behind the camera because a picture without her or Jax just isn't very important!

Fortunately, my good friend Camille was on hand last night to take this photo for us. It's at my dear friend Ruth's (Camille's sister) reception in Salt Lake.

Oh, and of course, Ava's new favorite Care Bear, Funshine Bear, is now an official part of the family and since he made the trip with us to Salt Lake, we thought it only fair to include him in the picture. Okay, okay, to be honest, Ava and Funshine are a package deal these days, so we had to include him if we wanted her in the photo, too.

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