Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Mourning...

The news came as a shock to us today. It pierced both Andy and I in the hearts, like a hot, dull arrow. Painful, numbing, heartbreaking. We were sitting at home this afternoon, Andy home for a brief break before returning back to school. The kids were napping, we were relaxing with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and SportsCenter. That's where we heard it. And sadly, the news didn't come from a comforting voice, nope, we had to hear it from the obnoxiously loud, I'm-sure-he-spits-when-he-talks, mouth of Dickie V. Say it ain't so...


It pains me to even type the words. We may live in Provo and Andy may attend BYU, but we are Wildcats to the death! We knew the day would come in our lifetime, I mean, the guy is 70-something, but I think a little part of us hoped that his insanely well-coifed, iconic, silver hair held some special power that gave him immortality... or atleast another NCAA Championship. But alas, it is no more. The man who made Arizona Basketball a powerhouse, is no longer at the helm.

So, now, we are in Limbo. What happens to our beloved basketball program? Only time will tell, but for the time being, we are in mourning. Don't call, don't write, nothing will console this unquenchable pain burning in our bosoms. For the time being, we'll be wearing black and spending most of our days sitting on the couch eating bonbons and Ben & Jerry's... until we feel ready to move on. Or one of the kids needs us... or Ava starts eating our ice cream... or we realize we really don't have that much black.

Okay, but we're mourning in spirit.

At the Arizona-Oregon Game in Eugene 2006

Our little WildKitten May 2008.
Pics of Jax in Wildcat gear to come. Stay tuned :)

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