Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My To-DID list

I am so busy! It's every mom's motto. And for us, it's good, because my being busy means business is good. It's really good. As a matter of fact, it's great! Orders for signs, wall stickers, tutus and bows have been coming in on a daily basis. Orders mean money and money means we get to eat. Alright, it's not that drastic, actually we're saving up the money my business brings in for Christmas and to send Andy to China next summer. I just need a break from him, so I figure sending him to roam amongst 1.6 billion people is just the ticket. Okay, that's not true. Actually, he has the opportunity to go to China for two weeks with a group from the Engineering college to study some of the amazing structures the country houses.

Anyway, back to the crazy schedule. I've been going to bed late every night for the past week, but when I lay down it's not just my head hitting the pillow. I bring with me a TON of guilt. I feel guilty because I had to spend time, while the kids were awake, working (read past blogs about my guilt issues) and I feel guilty for everything I didn't do. I have big plans for every day, I even make a list in my head. But at the end of the day, when I mentally check things off, I realize how few checkmarks I make. So, I roll those things over to the next day, and the next day... and the next. Un-checkmarked tasks just rollin', rollin', rollin' through my head... making me a bit crazy. There are three loads of unfolded laundry sitting in my living room right now. My refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. Our room looks like a 2 1/2-year-old ran through it. Oh wait, one did. Ava's room needs curtains. Jax's room needs vinyl. The list goes on...

Tonight, as I was lamenting out loud about all I hadn't accomplished, Andy reminded me of something President Monson said at General Conference this weekend. Basically, loads of laundry will always be there, even in 20 years. Instead of worrying about the laundry, enjoy now!

So, I began making another checklist in my head, instead of the things I need to do or haven't done, I started thinking about things I DID do today...

1. Taught Ava about her sense of hearing. We've been working on her five senses. Each day I explain how each works and we do a coordinating activity. She loves it! And she understands it. Today, as I was talking to her (long after her lesson) she very methodically placed one hand over each ear and said, "Mommy, I can't hear you. I'm blocking the sound waves."

2. Worked on several custom designs for customers.

3. Played in the backyard with the kids... got my feet wet with dew and searched for leaves.

4. Sang "Patty-Cake" about a gazillion times. Jax loves it and I'm a sucker for his big gummy, cheeky smile!

5. Got the kids some winter clothes... and subsequently mentally prepared myelf, just a little more, for a Utah winter.

6. Took a nap. See above about the lack of sleep. It was necessary, otherwise, my camera could end up in the crisper... again.

7. Played puppets with Ava and Jax. I was the seahorse and the whale, Ava the shark and the bird. Jax just tried to eat them.

8. Took a quiz to find out which 90210 character I am. Hey, I didn't say I was always productive with my time. I'm Donna, by the way.

9. Made dinner. I do it every night, but it's still an accomplishment.

10. Hung out with the fam tonight.

My list of "DIDS" isn't long. I didn't accomplish, many or even one HUGE task. But all the little things add up. And when I look at the list, I realize just how many of those "DIDS" involve my family. The DID NOTS aren't people. They're inanimate objects. They'll still be there tomorrow. Well, except the laundry I'm definitely folding that tonight. But nothing will change tomorrow. My kids will. They'll be a day older. So will Andy and I. So, I'm going to live for now. That's not to say I'm going to let the dishes pile up, but instead of budgeting my time around chores and business, I'm going to budget around kids and husband. That way, my to-do list is always full of checks.

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