Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ava, playing the role of Shamu

Since we got back from Sea World in April, Ava has been a little obsessed with Shamu. She talks about orca whales quite frequently and more often than not, she pretends to be Shamu in the bathtub. Tonight, as I began giving her a bath, she quickly got into Shamu position by rolling to her tummy and turned to me and said, "Now, playing the role of Shamu, Ava Grace Kleinman." After which she proceeded to cheer and clap for herself.

At one point, Andy was in the bathroom with us. Before he left, he stopped to give me a kiss. Ava, seeing all the lovey-dovey-ness loudly exclaimed, "Stop! You're embrassing Shamu." And if there's anything I know, it's you never want to embarass a pretend killer whale.

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