Thursday, June 18, 2009

When Daddy Comes Home

Andy has been home from China for nearly two weeks, but I thought I should still post this.

The kids and I were so excited to see him, that we decided to surprise him at the airport, rather than waiting for him to ride the van home with the rest of the group. His flight didn't come in until around 8pm, so I got the kids dressed in their jammies and to the airport we went.

Unlike us, we got there about 25 minutes early. We stood in front of the area where all arriving passengers come through, trying to come up with ways to make the time pass. But, it was just too difficult. Every tall guy she saw coming, Ava would say, "Oh, I think I see him." After several disappointing false-alarms, I think she decided she'd take any Daddy, and told me three different men were her Daddy.

Finally though, around 8:20, someone walked through the tunnel wearing an I LOVE (heart) Hong Kong shirt and I knew Andy couldn't be far behind. I excitedly told Ava to hold up the sign we had made (Welcome Home Daddy!), but after about 10 minutes and some people I recognized from Andy's group we started to wonder if he decided to stay in China. Fortunately, he didn't. Because just a few minutes later, there he was. A little tanner than when he left, exhausted, hair in need of a cut and walking at his normal speedy pace. The kids and I stood staring at him, Ava proudly holding her sign. But he kept walking. A man on a mission --- gotta get my luggage. "Andy!" I exclaimed. He didn't hear me. One more time. There it was. He spotted us and a huge grin came over his face. Ava ran into his arms and gave him a big hug and Jax got had an enormous smile and begin kicking his legs and shrieking with excitement.

Andy told Ava he had a present for her, so she couldn't fall asleep in the car on the way home as I had planned. Instead, she asked every few minutes, "Can I have it now, Daddy?" By the time we got home, the excitement took over and she practically tore Andy's suitcase open. He got both kids these adorable wooden animals -- a dinosaur for Ava and an alligator for Jax. He also got Ava these adorable panda stacking dolls. I got a beautiful necklace from the Pearl Market and a lovely table runner with Chinese prints. So pretty!

It took a few days for the jetlag to wear off and Andy to get back on schedule. But, things are finally back to normal. It's so wonderful to have our whole family together!!

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