Monday, June 8, 2009


Andy finally returned home last night after two weeks in China. HOORAY!!! Before he left, Jax was getting close to walking, standing on his own for several minutes and taking a few forced steps at a time. Andy and I both hoped he wouldn't actually begin walking while Andy was halfway around the world. Sweet little boy he is, Jax obliged his parents' wishes and didn't begin walking until yesterday morning, just hours before his Daddy returned. He's still quite wobbly, and falls quite frequently, but he's walking... on his own... without us having to stand him up and bribe him with food like a horse with a carrot. His legs are stiff and he sticks his arms straight out, kinda like Frankenstein, but he has the biggest smile on his face. He's so proud of himself. And, of course, we're proud of him!!!

Oh, and please excuse my kitchen floor. Before walking over to me, Jax took part in his newest favorite activity -- emptying the kitchen drawers.

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Joni said...

Way to Jax! Ethan watched Jax walk about 10 times this morning.