Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Summer

When we stepped off the plane in Arizona last week, I remembered why I don't miss it. There's nothing fun about walking into a giant blow dryer. How I survived 23 years in the sweltering heat of Phoenix and Tucson, I'll never know. What I do know is stepping off the plane in SLC felt heavenly... as opposed to, well, the other option.

We've been blessed with some lovely weather here in our neck of the woods. Not too hot, but warm enough for shorts. A gentle breeze in the afternoon and cool, relaxing, sweat-free nights. Love it! As do the kiddos. If Ava sees sun outside in the morning she assumes we should be in it. I can't blame her. So, outside of the normal every-day errands, I've been trying to get the kiddos and I as much face time with good ol' Mr. Sun as possible (don't worry, face time includes vats of sunblock).

Last year we got Ava this cute little Elmo sprinkler for the backyard. It hooks up to the hose and then twirls around spraying water. Ava loves jumping over or trying to escape the water streams.Taking a break

Jax, on the other hand... well, he didn't know what to think. Despite his love of "Elbo" as he calls him, he wasn't a big fan of the Elmo spraying him with water. So, the little mancub made like a bull and attacked the furry red guy.

When he finally realized that Elmo meant no harm, Jax joined in the watery fun... at a distance.
Ahhh... I just love summer. Oh, I should mention that tonight we consumed almost an entire watermelon (with the help of my wonderful friend Joni and Ava's Little Buddy Ethan). Of that's not a sign of summer, I don't know what is!

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