Friday, October 9, 2009

Is He Ready?

Jax loves his big sister and will do just about anything she does. He's her little shadow, whether she likes it or not. As of late, anytime Ava goes to the bathroom Jax stands outside the door yelling, "Potty!" and knocking on the door (or sticking his hands under it).

His interest in the potty comes right on the heels of his newest favorite thing -- announcing what he's doing in his diaper at any given moment. That's a pretty big deal for a 16-month-old right? Part of me wondered, when he began making his announcements, if he was ready to start potty-training. But, I wrote it off. I don't want to pressure him. I want it all to happen naturally... as all potty business should.

So, you can imagine my surprise when one morning as I ran into me room to get him a pair of socks he charged in yelling, "POOOOOOOP!" then ran into the bathroom, placed his bum against the toilet and yelled, "POOOOTTTTTY!" I raced in, "Do you want to go potty, buddy?" He nodded, so I took down his pants and diaper (I had forgotten what an ordeal it is) and sat him on the potty. He sat there for a few minutes. Nothing happened. But he was smiling the whole time. Finally, he said, "All done!" and hopped off.

This has happened several times since. Same thing, he sits, nothing comes out and he hops off. BUT, that's a big deal! I'm excited at the prospect of him being potty-trained by the time he turns two (although I'm not holding my breath). He's getting excited about the potty. He's such a Kleinman!


The K Family said...

He's getting there. It IS a big deal. It's great that he has his sister to shadow too!

keep klein-man said...

Sooo cute! Way to go little man...
Good luck..