Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Much To Say

Jax is a pretty good talker. I sometimes have to remind myself not to compare him to Ava who was speaking full sentences (not over-exaggerating) at 16 months. Even though he doesn't speak as well as she did, he's still quite the little chatterbox. People often comment on how well he speaks or how many words he knows. I chalk it all up to listening to his sister all day, and by all day, I mean ALL day because there are few moments in the day during which Ava isn't talking, which I love (most of the time).

Anywho, Jax has been putting two and three words together for a little while, "Go, bye-bye," "more cereal," 'George book" (when he wants to read Curious George), "eat cracker please," etc. But today, he had a breakthrough. We spent the afternoon at my friend Joni's where the kids played as she and I worked on the felt food we're giving them for Christmas. After a few hours, Jax was asking to go night-night so I rounded the kiddos up to head out the door, when Ava realized she hadn't held Baby Avery yet. So, Joni offered to let Ava hold Avery while I took Jax home and then she and Ethan and Avery would walk Ava home. As we walked out the door and Jax realized his sister wasn't bouncing along beside us he began babbling, "Ava? Go? Ethan, Mama. Ava. Mama, Bubba, Bye-bye." While it doesn't make sense in print, I could see the wheels turning in his head. He was asking, "Where did Ava go?" and pointing out that she was with Ethan and his Mama. And that Mama and Bubba (what he calls himself) were going bye-bye. I was pretty impressed. Especially since he rattled these things off so quickly. He has so much to say and is really beginning to search for the words to say those things.

Ahhh... before I know it, I'll have two chatterboxes. I wonder if they'll ever even want to talk to me once they have each other to talk to all the time. I sure hope so. They always have something interesting to say.

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