Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jump Around

It's been a long time since I took the kids to free-play at the gymnastics gym. As a matter of fact, the little dude wasn't even close to walking last time we went. Really, it's been a while.

With winter creeping up on us, I decided last week it was time to get back in the habit. Ava, of course, was extremely excited about finally revisiting one of her very favorite places. I was excited to see her share all the fun with her baby brother. I assumed the kids would run all over the place trying out all the equipment, but all they wanted to do was jump. Jump on the trampoline. Jump into the foam pit. Jump over things. You name it. Jump. Jump. Jump.

Jax couldn't quite figure out the balance beam, so instead he went over it this way... on his way to the jumping castle.

backing into the foam pit

Ava has gotten much braver since the last time we were at gymnastics. She surprised me by standing on this platform and jumping into the foam pit. She used to just slide in with my help.

SOOO proud of herself!

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