Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

My good friend Joni and I are big proponents of reading. She, being a former elementary school teacher and me, being a big reader myself, loooove children's books, the library and reading with our kids. Anyone who knows Ava well, knows just how important books are to her, so it seemed only fitting that we take part in a world-wide attempt to break a reading world record.

The Jumpstart program marked October 8th as Read for the Record day, with the goal of breaking the world record for the most people reading the same book on a single day. This year, the chosen book: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle, which couldn't have been more perfect for our kids. Ava has loved that book since she was a baby, Jax loves it now, Ethan (Joni's little boy) has an adorable VHC bedroll, and Avery (Ethan's little sister) has a VHC ring toy. It was meant to be.

Joni and I planned to read the book, watch the little show and do some Very Hungry Caterpillar crafts (toilet paper roll caterpillars and fingerprint caterpillars), along with a caterpillar treat (fruit on skewers) and a caterpillar ring toss game. I think we were more excited than the kids.

Caterpillar ring toss.

Fingerprint caterpillars

Caterpillar skewers

But, Thursday rolled around and I had to go to a last minute doctor's appointment, so I dropped Ava off at Joni's (Jax stayed home with Andy) with the hope of being back in time to take part in some of the caterpillar-y fun. But, alas, as all doctor's appointments go, it took much longer than anticipated and I missed out. Darn!

I just love this picture! These two are the best of buddies, they have their moments (like any kids) but they still love each other!

The good news -- Ava had a blast! She was so proud of her crafts and has suggested every day since that we make caterpillars for our afternoon snack. While I'm sad I missed out, I am so grateful for my wonderful friend Joni. She has a talent for organization and is so incredibly patient and kind. I didn't worry about Ava being there for two hours because I knew Joni would keep her busy, entertained and so happy... not to mention Ava just LOVES her!

We'll be in Mississippi for next year's Read for the Record, so Ava and Ethan may just have to Webcam each other.

Thanks for the fun time, friends!

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Joni said...

We had a great time too! We missed you. Thank you for entrusting me with one of your precious blessings. Ava is always at the top of Ethan's buddy list! We've got a web cam date for next year!