Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When G-Ma & G-Pa Come to Play

We were so lucky to have my parents in town this weekend! We hadn't seen them since our visit to Arizona in May, so this was long overdue. I didn't tell the kids they were coming and instead surprised them with a trip to the airport to pick-up G-Ma & G-Pa. The entire car ride, Ava pelted me with questions about her surprise, "Is it a movie?," "Can I eat it?," "Are we going to Disneyland?," "Are you sure I can't eat it?" She seemed a little disappointed when I answered "no" to each of her questions, but the excitement on her face when she saw my parents at the airport disintegrated any concern she may have had over the coolness of her surprise. As soon as she caught sight of G-Pa, she took off running toward him and jumped into his arms, big smile painted across her face. It took Jax a little longer to warm up, but a few weird sounds out of G-Pa and smiles from G-Ma and he was good to go.

We were suddenly hit with cold temps and rain just in time for my parents' visit, so it put a damper on some of our outdoor plans, but the kids had fun nonetheless.

Watching the rain with G-Pa

Keeping warm with G-Ma

Ava's new favorite game is playing "Little G-Ma." My mom has been wearing fannypacks for as long as I can remember. Ava realizing that G-Ma wears her purse on her waist, decided she too would like to wear a fanny pack, so my dad tightened it as tight as it would go and Ava traipsed around the house insisting we call her Little G-Ma.

Jax, in all his goofiness, loved to chase G-Pa around and play peekaboo with G-Ma. He even entertained with all the mealtime antics that we have become so accustomed to.

Everytime he did this he yelled, "TAAADAAAA!"

Saturday we went to the local Farmer's Market, ate good food, shopped and then played on the playground. G-Ma had to observe Jax for an Early Childhood Development class she's taking. I don't know how much observing she got in since she seemed to spend most of her time chasing him around, but they both definitely had fun.

Ava conquered her fear of a rope apparatus and made her way across chanting, "I can do it." Well, she sure did and then we couldn't get her off the thing. She's getting so big!

There was lots of story-reading, princess-playing, silly noises, dancing, pretend cooking, the Bean Museum (a museum of formerly live, now stuffed, animals)

and the BYU Creamery.

After finishing his ice cream and taking a few bites of mine, he helped himself to G-Ma's

So much fun, just so little time. We wish the trip could have lasted longer and can't wait to see G-Ma & G-Pa again next month.

Ava took this one

Ava and I took my parents to the airport on Monday night. As we left on the moving sidewalk (Ava's favorite part of the airport) Ava asked if G-Ma & G-Pa were coming again next weekend. When I explained they weren't but that we would see them at Thanksgiving she said, "That's something to be thankful about!" So true! Then, as we drove home I asked what her favorite part of the weekend was, "Everything!" she emphatically replied.
"You sure to do love your G-Ma & G-Pa, don't you?" I asked.
"Yeah. Mama, you're my best friend, but G-Pa is my best buddy."

I think this picture explains it all.

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