Saturday, October 17, 2009


The kids have five uncles --- four from Andy and one from me, so they have lots of names to remember.

When Ava was a baby, she was most familiar with Andy's youngest brother Eric. We lived near Andy's parents at the time, so she saw Uncle Eric at least every Sunday, if not more often. She quickly latched on to him and began calling him, "Icky." The name stuck until she finally figured out how to say "Eric," although, occasionally, Grandpa Ralphie still calls him Icky.

So, I had to laugh to myself today when Jax began saying Uncle Dusty's name. Dusty is back in Provo now and we see him several times a week. The kids just love him and Ava asks us almost every night if he's coming to dinner. This afternoon as we played in the living room Jax walked over to the front door, knocked on it and yelled, "Unka Ducky!"

Icky and Ducky... they totally sound like brothers :)

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