Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Not Tired

I try my hardest to get all my weekly errands run in one day, sometimes two. I would just prefer to get it all taken care of and then spend the rest of the week playing at home with the kids, going on fun little outings, doing activities or having playdates. The kids are always troopers when errand day rolls around. But, I'd be lying if I said every trip to the store was a dream. There are definitely "THOSE" days when I swear my children's bodies have been taken over by some strange creature with a high-pitched whine. So, we had one of those days not too long ago. As we got in the car to go home Ava asked if we could go to the park. Of course, I'm thinking, "Are you kidding me?!" But, I chose go with a calm, "Oh honey, I think we'll go home. You and Jax are so tired, I think maybe a little rest would be nice." Of course, she emphatically exclaimed she wasn't tired. Which then made the little repeater announce, "I not tired!"

Not two minutes into our drive home, this is where we stood with the whole "not tired" thing.

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