Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Our Wildcats!!

Our Wildcats are having a tough season this year, but that doesn't stop this family from showing our Zona Pride! Andy and I firmly believe in starting our kids young and raising them right! So, I bought Jax this adorable little jersey, which he loved so much he cried when it was time to take it off!

We owe a lot to the University of Arizona... without it, we would have never met. And just think of how terrible Andy's life would have been... haha ;)
This is what Ava wore as we rooted our Cats on (hey, it's blue!). I actually ordered her a cute custom-made UofA dress. I was going to buy the fabric and make it myself, but the cost was the same so I thought "why not." Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived yet.
We may be hundreds of miles away, but a different state and a different school hasn't changed our love for the UofA. In a few months, we'll be even further so we'll just have to cheer that much louder and make sure everyone knows where our loyalties lie!

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