Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daddy's Glasses

Our kids only know Andy with glasses. When we first met and into the early years of our marriage he always wore contacts. However, soon after Ava was born his perscription ran out and he got in the habit of wearing glasses, and has ever since. So, our kids don't "recognize" him without glasses. If Daddy's face is naked, Jax immediately begins demanding "Gasses! Gasses" and will go get the darn things himself if Andy isn't moving fast enough, which often results in bent rims. Ava, on the other hand, isn't as aggressive in her tactics. Rather than physically obtaining the glasses, she chooses to pelt Andy rapid-fire with questions, "Daddy, where are your glasses? Daddy are you going to wear your glasses? Daddy can you see?" until FINALLY, Andy just goes and puts them on. Which, always results in a contented Ava sighing, "That's better, Daddy."

So, the point of this prologue is that while going through Christmas pictures, I came across these:

I think they look pretty cute in Daddy's glasses!

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