Friday, February 26, 2010

Leapin' Lizards

We took a little trip to one of our favorite little museums the other day, for a very special Reptile Show with our friends.

Ava and Jax have no fear, if it creeps, crawls, hisses, slithers or slimes, the more they like it. So, you can imagine their excitement when they got to pet a turtles, a lizard and a snake! Ava and Ethan wiggled in their seats as they waited for their turns to get a few fingers on the critters. Jax took a much louder approach, yelling "My turn!" until the animal was within reach. With each animal I asked the kids what the felt like, here's their report:

Ava: hard
Jax: bumpy

Ava: poky
Jax: Ouch

Ava: squishy
Jax: smooth, gross

In the end, Ava and Ethan took turns playing tortoise with a real shell on their backs. Jax wasn't interested, he wanted to know where the snake went. "Where snake go?"

The kids had a blast and Ava has already asked when we can go again.

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Jarvis Family said...

We love the reptile show! We just went there on Monday. So fun! I am glad your kids liked it. Hey, when are you going Geo cashing next? We should do that sometime for FHE together. When it is nice outside...