Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Numero Dos

Jax woke up at 5:30 this morning. He came tromping into our bedroom carrying "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and his blanket. He was ready to read. I was not. I grabbed his hand, walked him back in his room, laid him in his bed, covered him up, gave him his bear and kissed his cheek. Then I went back to bed. Twenty seconds later I heard the crunching of his diaper as he trotted back into our room. It was early, oh so early, especially since I stayed up a little too late blogging. But then I remembered, it's his birthday. Not just any birthday, it's his SECOND birthday! So, into his room I went and we played monster trucks... until about 6:30 when Andy's alarm went off and Jax decided to run in and make sure Daddy was really awake... by jumping on the bed.

That's Jax in a nutshell, he's an early riser, he loves books, but more than that he loves monster trucks. He's just a happy little guy, even when he walks, his step has a little bounce. It's actually kinda cute because he walks just like Andy, if Andy had a diaper on and were a few feet shorter. He's mischievous, so very mischievous. He loves sneak attacks -- if Andy or I are laying on the floor, nothing makes him happier than running up and jumping on the floor-layer. As he does so, big grin in place, he always gives this deep, impish, growly little cackle. I hope he never loses it. It's one of my favorite sounds.

So, today our little dude is two. I could say what I always say, that I can't believe he's already two. And really, I can't. But, I know that in his two years we've done alot and accomplished alot. I mean, in two short years he's lived in three states, been to Disneyland, the beach, on a few airplanes, visited several zoos, sledded in the snow, learned his ABC's, had surgery, touched a dinosaur fossil, pet a stingray, made a great friend, broken five monster trucks, read hundreds of books, squashed hundreds of bugs, eaten several handfuls of dirt, nearly given his mother at least a dozen heart attacks, oh, how I could go on.

Jax definitely keeps me on my toes. He is curious and quiet, which can sometimes be a dangerous combination. Like, just the other day as I got Ava her breakfast I realized I hadn't seen Jax in a few minutes. First I searched his room, then Ava's, then the kids' bathroom, then mine. There he was, loading an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet. With those big hazel eyes he looked at me and said, "I wipe, like big boy." Which leads me to his independence. He is so fiercely independent, which sometimes creates mini fits and a battle of the wills. He wants to do everything, "I do it myself!" he exclaims -- walking outside, swimming, putting his shoes on, climbing in his car seat, holding the phone, painting, getting out of the bathtub, taking a bite of a giant sandwish. He wants to do it all. I'll admit, it can be frustrating when doing it himself can sometimes take twice as long as if Andy or I did it, or can create a mighty mess, but I let him because I appreciate just what a big boy he's trying to be.

It's hard to believe he's two. In my eyes he's still such a baby. A walking, talking, running, jumping, baby. I still see him as little, except when I hold him and Andy points out that Jax is more than half my height. He's huge! Right now he's just under three-feet tall and weighs 32 pounds (which is only three less than his four-year-old sister).

We've been saying it since birth but it just becomes more and more apparent every day -- the kid is all Kleinman. He has his Grandpa Ralphie's huge mitt-like hands, and giant blocks for feet! He's already in a size 8 shoe, to put it in perspective, Ava wears a 9. His legs are shaped JUST like Andy's, he walks like Andy, he loves cars like all the Kleinmans, he is a daredevil like Uncle Eric, he's content on his own, he's incredibly methodical just like his Daddy. Like most kids he has a bedtime routine and toys he likes to sleep with. But he has a set group of toys that MUST be in his bed and which he lines up in a particular way against his wall before he can go to sleep. If a toy is missing or out of order, he WON'T go to sleep. He loves to line things up, and stack things. He doesn't need cartoons or movies, just Youtube clips of monster trucks or garbage trucks and he's content. His favorite book is, "Firebears the Rescue Team" by Rhonda Gowler Green. He hates Dr. Seuss books. He'll do just about anything to make us laugh! As I type this, he is putting his pajama pants on his head. Really. He also looooves to laugh at other people, especially when they're hurt. Bump into something and say, "Ow!" and the boy is rolling with laughter. When he's angry he swipes at the air and says, "Hi Yah!" He'll eat just about anything, with the exception of mashed potatoes, cottage cheese or anything lemon-flavored. If I don't watch him carefully he'll eat an ENTIRE pear, I mean, the whole thing, seeds and all. His favorite kitchen job is helping me stir. His least favorite is staying out of the trash. He is crazy about soccer and football, telling us almost daily, "My football game all gone." or "My football game at eight-turdy." Every Sunday after church he asks Andy if they're going to watch football. He's a little artist in the making, always asking to draw or color. Although, sometimes he doesn't ask and just finds a pen and starts doodling on the nearest surface. Oops.

Of course, I could write for days about our little dude. But, my absolute favorite things about Jax are 1) How much he looooooves his sister. When he wakes up he asks, "Where Ava Grace?" He follows her around, copies what she says, lets her dress him up, hugs her, it's really the sweetest thing and 2) just how thoughful and cuddly he is. Every morning he comes in my room and cuddles me for a few minutes, he showers me with randome kisses and hugs throughout the day, and he often asks to "Cuddle Mama, please." His cuddle pose is so cute too because he curls up in this scrunched up ball of boy on my lap and rests his head on my chest and tucks his hands between us. Gives me warm fuzzies! And hey, unlike his sister, he'll even cuddle Daddy sometimes!

Well, we're off for a fun-filled day of playing with monster trucks, swimming, eating pizza and chocolate cake! Happy Birthday, Jax! We love you!!!


Joni said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy! I'm amazed at how grown up you've become before our very eyes! I will miss some of your little quirks when you stop them too! :) We love you!

Rob and Sara said...

Happy birthday Jax! You are too cute for words!