Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco the Mayo

Cinco the Mayo... Ava said this on accident and when I laughed at her little slip-up she took that as an invitation to continue calling it such. And she did. And she laughed everytime. So did I, not because I think it's so funny, but I think her laughing at her little joke is pretty darn adorable!

We spent the festive day with our wonderful friends. Joni and I love any excuse to get together, eat yummy food and make crafts with the kids. It's a weekly occurance for us. And Cinco de Mayo was no different. On the menu? Quesadillas, chips, homemade salsa verde, horchata and homemade sopapillas. YUM!
After gorging ourselves on all the deliciousness we got to work on thr crafts. First up: Spanish flowers. We had grand visions of doing this with the kids, but they were much more interested in chasing each other around the house. So, Joni and I made them. Okay, Joni made them and I kept messing them up. So, being the good sport I am I gave up and insisted we move on to the next activity... for the kids' sake of course.
My single successful flower
Fortunately, Ava, Jax and Ethan were much more interested in this one. We handed them each a brown paper lunch sack, markers, tissue paper and a glue stick and let them decorate them. Once they were fancy, Joni filled them with candy, trinkets and stickers. We closed them up at the top, hung them from a broom and TA-DAAAA! Homemade pinatas! The kiddos giggled and cheered as they wacked their individual pinatas then collected the goodies!

Such a fun fiesta with our favorite amigos!!!

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Joni said...

We had a blast! Thanks for the fiesta!