Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Christmas in... May?

Ava, our little dancing queen, had her very first official dance recital May 1st! Her dance class has performed at little parties at her studio, but this was a real recital in a real theatre! Ava was super excited until she found out her class would be performing a Christmas dance. "I already did a Christmas dance!", she exclaimed. However, the powers-that-be at the studio thought doing a holiday-themed show would be fun for all. I could tell you what all the mothers thought about this, but will spare you all the catty comments. Anyway, Ava became a little more excited when she heard the song, "Let It Snow"... a really cute, bouncy version of it, actually. Then, when she found out she got to dance with a snowflake wand she was sold! However, her reservations returned when we got the costume --- a snowman. Not just a snowman dress, but a halter top and black boots a la "Pretty Woman." Not so appropriate for anyone, but especially not a group of four-year-old little girls. I was irate. Ava, my sweet little Ava, was so distraught when she saw the costume, "Mommy, I can't wear that, it's immodest." I was so proud and so sad all at the same time. So proud that she recognized just how barely-there the costume was, and that she knew that in our family we don't wear such immodest clothes. But sad that her studio would even allow such costumes, and sad at how disappoined Ava was in the costume. We were told not to put leotards under the costume. But, Ava and I decided together that she would not wear the costume as it was. Fortunately, a local dancewear store carried ONE long-sleeved skin-colored leotard in her size. It was PERFECT, and solved our problem!!!

Ava and A.J. hanging out befor the recital. Check out her MODEST leotard!

Best Friends!

Ava was the absolute cutest little snowgirl ever made! She danced her heart out, smiled big and just had a blast! It was so special watching her up on stage. I couldn't help but think that she looked so grown up to me (not just because she had a teeny bit of mascara and lip gloss on). All of a sudden, she's this little girl, not my baby anymore. I loved seeing the look on her face once her routine was finished, she had such a sense of accomplishment slapped across her pretty little face! I was beaming, Andy and Uncle Dusty cheered her on and Jax clapped loudly for his big sister! Such a special night for our tiny dancer!!!

P.S. We weren't allowed to take pictures during the recital, so these were all taken at the dress rehearsal.

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Laun and Catherine said...

Could those 2 girls be any cuter?! Seriously they are both so adorable!!