Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exploring Our New Home

Our stuff won't be here for another week or so. Now that I'm past the shock of that reality, I actually think it may be a blessing. Rather than using our first week in our new home (and Andy's last week of off before work) unpacking, we've used all our free time to explore our city.

We were so lucky to have my parents here with us for four days to check out all our little town has to offer. Which is, surprisingly, alot! We, of course walked the downtown area and took a tour of the largest antique doll and toy museum in the US. I thought Ava would enjoy this much more than Jax, but when he saw an entire room devoted to cars he was just as elated as Ava was about the dolls.

Our first day out we ran into the coolest park I've EVER seen! I'm not over-exaggerating or trying to convince myself that this place is more exciting than it is. Really, this park is AMAZING!!! The slides and play area are like none I've seen before, there's a climbing wall, rubber climbing robes, balancing contraptions, a little town, a little kitchen, a giant xylophone, monkey bars, climbing tires, I'm really not doing it justice...

Just across from the park is a giant water play area, which I'm told are pretty common in the South. I wasn't sure how the kids would react to this being that both have an aversion to water in their faces, but, of course, they loved it. We went on a pretty hot day and my only regret was that Andy and I didn't bring our own bathing suits!

Every kid at the waterpark did this! It's a kid right of passage.

On G-Ma and G-Pa's last day here we made the trip up to the zoo. We were all impressed by the size of the zoo and the array of animals. Best of all, there were only a few other people there so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. To finish the day off, we boarded the zoo train and took a nice relaxing ride before saying our goodbyes to G-Ma and G-Pa who were off to the airport.

After enjoying a snow cone
We brought the stroller for Jax, but he ended up pushing Ava in it. He's already assumed the role of his big sister's slave.

I'm glad we explored when we did because this week temps have been in the 90s with close to 90% humidity. Too hot to be outside! Just this morning, I took the kids outside at 7:45 just so they could play for a couple of hourse before the heat and humidity kicked in. We ran around in the grass, blew bubbles and played on the playground. The kids were happy, I was glad to get out and play with them and the best part, Jax was so worn out he took a three-hour nap! I think we're going to have to get used to early-mornings outside!


Laun and Catherine said...

cute photos

Joni said...

Ethan's begging to "Go There!" If only we could!