Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fake Stuff

We've been collecting Play-Doh over the years. We seem to always get a few containers for birthdays or holidays and I just stick them in the craft bin along with the others. Yet, I rarely take them out of the bin. It's not like I don't want to. I don't mind the kids playing with Play-Doh. I just rarely think of it. But, the other day I did. So excited, I got a few containers out of the craft bin and to my dismay, they were dried out. Not to mention, I had forgotten how gross Play-Doh smells. Really, really gross. I can't believe that someone actually made Play-Doh perfume. You think I'm kidding? Really, they did. The proof is here. Anyway, the kids who were anxiously awaiting getting their hands on the stuff were obviously disappointed. Not wanting to disappoint my two favorite little people, I quickly hit the internet searching for the perfect Play-Doh recipe. Fortunately, there are tons and, even better, I had everything on hand.

So, here it is. Our "Princess Pink" and "Gross-Boy Green" (names courtesy of Ava) Play-Doh. I gotta say, I like it so much better than the real stuff. AND if you stick it in a ziploc baggie it lasts up to six months. Gotta love that!

The kids and I spent about an hour playing with the stuff, making cakes, snakes and dinosaur stomping grounds.

So proud of his snake!

Mmmm... Play-Doh birthday cake!

Here's the recipe I used (it's called Colored Playdough). Make it. Enjoy. Just don't eat it. That's gross. Just ask Jax.

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Joni said...

We love homemade Play Doh at our house...it's so much better and yes it lasts forever!