Friday, August 20, 2010

A Friend All His Own

Jax's friends have always been Ava's friends. That's just part of being the little brother. He tags along when his big sister and her friends play and by default, her friends become his friends too. Not to mention, we've never lived anywhere where there have been many kids Jax's age. But thank goodness for our new little town. There are an abundance of little people here all Jax's age. But he and this little guy, Eli have become great little buddies. They met in nursery our first Sunday here and the rest is history. Jax even tells us, "Eli my very best buddy."

Eli's family moved here just a few months before us (also from Utah) so we've all bonded over our new, very different home. The dads are both nerdy engineers, and the moms are both crafty. It's like it was meant to be :) Ava has made a few little friends too, who get this, ARE GIRLS! Crazy, I know! Anywhere we've ever lived there has been an overabundance of boys Ava's age and I just happen to become great friends with a mom who has a boy. But here, there are girls. And several of them. Who know that such a small little town would be full of so many fun friends?!

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Joni said...

So happy you've found boy and girl friends...and it sounds like they are perfect!