Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look What We Found

On our way home from our bike ride/tennis playing last night we found this:

A teeny little froggy. She (Ava is SURE she was a girl) was hopping on the sidewalk as if it wanted to be picked up and mangled by two kids! So, we did just that. After chasing it around for a few minutes I finally caught the little sucker and then handed her over to Ava, who was ready to take the frog home and make her her pet. Jax got a turn and was so excited he dropped Sally (Ava named her) before I could get a picture of him with her. But don't worry, Ava quickly collected her and was sure not to let her go. As a matter of fact, she held on to Sally so tightly that the little frog nearly lost her life. Fortunately, Andy and I saw she was on the brink and encouraged Ava to let Sally go so she could find her family. Lucky break, frog.

*By the way, those are not tears on Ava's cheek. It's sweat. We live in a humid, sweaty place... and she had been riding her bike for 45 minutes. However, that is chocolate near the corner of her mouth.

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