Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun Food

I try to make our dinner meal plan a month in advance. It's really not as tough as it sounds, especially since we have a few "set" meals: Taco Tuesday, leftovers on Wednesdays, Pizza Pieday (Friday). Anyway, I've done my best to include the kids in the meal planning and allow them to choose a few meals a month. Last week they chose Sloppy Joes. I decided to take it one step further and came up with these:

SLOPPY JOE CARS! This was a big hit with both kids, although Jax wouldn't eat his. He didn't want to ruin the car. I finally convinced him to eat the meat out of the car, but had to give him a separate plate of vegetables and cheese.


Joni said...

SO creative! Where do you find the time!

All these Halls said...

I think kids eat better when they are involved & dinner time is enjoyable.
So cute- you are so creative. Can you move in next door already so we can hang out, swap babysitting, make crafts & bake together?