Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Knew This Day Would Come

Ava and Jax are great little helpers! Monday is our deep-cleaning day and they actually fight over who helped me the most. It's pretty sweet. Until someone throws a dirty sponge at someone else. That's not sweet. That's gross. Anyway, they especially love to help me fold laundry. Ava is a great little folder. Jax is more of a wadder, but he's trying. As we folded whites the other day, Ava came across one of my bras and naturally, did what any normal little girl would do:

First THIS:

Then, THIS:

She thought this one was especially hilarious because I had just taught them the day before in preschool about flies' and bees' eyes. She was buzzing around the living room, "I'm a fly. I'm a fly."

We had to put it away once Jax asked if he could wear the bra. I'll admit, I played with the idea for a moment simply for the go-to photo to show his future dates. But, I thought better of it (plus, I already have plenty of embarrassing pics of him).  

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Penny said...

THat is so cute! Oh the things kids do!