Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Another Weekend

Andy's never had weekends off. Well, atleast he's never had them off in our almost eight years of marriage. I guess as a teacher he technically had weekends "off" but in all actuality he spent them grading, planning lessons, etc. And in our time at both UofA and BYU he spent his weekends doing some hardcore homework and studying.

But now, he has weekends off. He has a regular 9-5 job. Which is great. But even better, because he works for the Corp of Engineers, much of his work is classified which means he can't bring work home. Nice.

So, for the first time in nearly eight years I have my husband all to myself on weekends. Well, WE have him all to OURselves. We haven't really done anything fancy since we moved here to celebrate having him home on the weekends, but we do make sure to enjoy our time with him. This weekend was no exception. As is the norm here in our tiny little river town, it was a hot and humid one this weekend. So, we took the kids down to the good ol' splashpad. This time though, Mommy and Daddy were smart and wore our bathing suits too. We weren't just going to sit and melt while the kids got in on all the cool water action. No way.

This one should make the Kleinman boys proud

Like father like son

Looking at the Mississippi. See all that greenery over there? That's Louisiana. The nearest city to us is actually IN La. We really do live RIGHT on the Ol' Mississip.


Joni said...

So fun! I wish the city closest to you wasn't in LA but UT!

keep klein-man said...

LOL!!! Do all the KLEINMAN MEN stand the same???? How funny.. Looks like they had a great time. We need to have a get together for us all next year..