Sunday, February 8, 2009

Becoming Three...

I just had to post these cute pictures of Ava. As she gets closer and closer to three she gets more and more girly. As of late, her favorite accessory is a little crown Grandma and Grandpa gave her for Christmas. She wears it not only around the house, but to the store, the mall, the library and to visit Daddy at BYU. She often refers to herself as Princess Ava and loves to brush "my beautiful locks" while standing in front of the mirror staring at herself. I mean, I can't blame the kid, she's gosh darn adorable!

She's also, as of late, become very enamored with my iPod, often commandeering it and telling me I can have it back when, "I've heard all the songs I want to hear and I'm done dancing." I jokingly said to her one day, "You sure are a bossy little thing." Her response? "That's because I'm becoming three, Mommy." I can't wait to see what becoming 16 is like.

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