Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine!!

I've been going a little crazy lately. You see, in our little corner of the world, there hasn't been much sun as of late. There's been plenty of snow, plenty of rain, plenty of clouds, but not a whole lotta sun. Oh, and did I mention it's frigid?! I miss Arizona.

Well, today the heavens opened up and shone down on our backyard. Okay, it shone on the entire city, but all I cared about was our backyard. Because sunshine in the backyard meant we got to go outside and play. HALLELUJAH!!! It was wonderful!! Ava's little buddy Ethan came over for a play date. The kids rode bikes, played ball, dug in the dirt. It was a little glimpse of spring... with coats and cold hands. But still, it was still a glimpse.

"Queen of the Mountain!!!"
Ava & Ethan

Jax took his first crawl around the backyard. Of course, I had to fish grass, leaves and rocks out of his mouth a few times. But hey, he's a boy, I should get used to it, right?

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